Corporate challenge

The Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon 2018 provide an unique platform for groups and businesses to encourage their customers, members and staff to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Corporate Packages are tailored to organization of all sizes where you & your colleagues would foster camaraderie while attaining personal achievements and staying fit together as one.


Corporate Package is designed to help companies to promote active engagement of their employees in a smooth and simple way. Companies can foster healthy culture internally as well as enjoy the exciting competition with other companies of the same sizes.
Deadline: Oct. 12, 2018


– 5% discount on booth rental at the Marathon Village
– Simple and easy payment process for the corporates
– Special lane for corporate race-kit pick-up
– Customized bibs with the Corporate logos
– Chance to win corporate challenge


1. Each corporate will identify the Person In Charge (PIC) who will use the Corporate Registration link to access to the special registration portal by October 12, 2018 at
2. PIC will fill out his/her information and the corporate’s information.
3. PIC will provide the total number of participants and make the payment in a bulk with flat rate for all distances. VAT invoices can be issued if requested within a certain time frame, please contact the organizer.
– Based on the number of participants, corporates will be divided into 3 divisions.

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Number of all participants
(excluding KIDS RUN)
10 – 49 50 – 99 100+
Flat Rate (USD) $27
Complimentary slots 0 3 5

4. PIC will sign a PIC responsibility form and will receive a small checklist of items to complete for the entire team.
5. We will send the list of codes to PIC – who will then be responsible to disseminate these codes to the employees to register online without any payment by November 4, 2018.
6. PIC can pick-up race-entry pack for all the employees during Collection Period and distribute back to the employees.

How to register for Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge & Prizes

Corporates in the same division will be competing with each other. There are 2 challenges for corporates:
1. Distance Challenge: total km finished by the employees in the corporate. Corporate with the most km will win.
2. Time Challenge: average pace of all the finishers in the corporate. Corporate with the fastest average pace will win.

Prizes Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Complimentary Slots for TCB HCMCIM 2019 3 5 10
Flat Rate (USD) There will be Distance and Time Trophy for each division – which the champions will keep for the whole year at their company and will be passed on to the next champion in the next event