before the run
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  • Marathon (42.2km)

    This distance is an intense physical and mental challenge intended for experienced runners, but crossing the finish line will create an incredibly worthwhile sense of achievement. Prospective racers who are new to running should consider starting with a shorter distance before tackling such an imposing event.

  • Half Marathon (21.1km)

    The Half Marathon is a more accessible distance than the full marathon, meaning it is more suitable for newer, less experienced runners. It is still challenging, and requires considerable training beforehand. This event is a step up from a 10km for runners looking to stretch their endurance.

  • 10km

    The 10km category is for runners of all abilities, though you will still need to train for it ahead of time. The 10km is perfect for runners who would like to become more involved in the sport.

  • Kids’ Run

    The Kids’ Run is a fun event for young runners aimed at getting kids involved in running and a healthy lifestyle. We encourage kids to come out and have fun in this non-competitive activity. Running isn’t only for adults, and we hope to see plenty of kids take part on this fantastic day.